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QuteSMS for Linux
A Linux application for sending SMS!
  Rating:  8,50
  (448 votes)
Unique users:  253    Total sms sent:  2595
A Windows application that support contacts, groups and log
  Rating:  8,96
  (1516 votes)
Unique users:  3418    Total sms sent:  166778
A simple Windows application for sending SMS
  Rating:  8,72
  (1006 votes)
Unique users:  1431    Total sms sent:  21552
A flash-based web application you may use on your own website.
  Rating:  8,80
  (1540 votes)
Unique users:  5072    Total sms sent:  372740
A Windows vista sidebar gadget for sending SMS
  Rating:  8,86
  (1385 votes)
Unique users:  2956    Total sms sent:  10370
QuteSMS for Windows
A Windows application for sending SMS!
  Rating:  8,96
  (177 votes)
Unique users:  254    Total sms sent:  221
QuteSMS for Mac
A Macintosh application for sending SMS!
  Rating:  9,01
  (75 votes)
Unique users:  25    Total sms sent:  31
SMS app - BETA
Administer and send messages to your groups from your phone
  Rating:  8,43
  (358 votes)
Unique users:  20    Total sms sent:  164

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