Example C# .NET project

Important note: This code is only intended as an example to help you get started. This applications is under developement, and it has known bugs and unfinished code.

You may change, use and rewrite this code as long as it is intended for use with the http://www.smshttp.com page. It's forbidden to use or redistribute this code for other use. References to SMShttp.com should always be stated on the login page on applications created for SMShttp.com.

I accept these terms and the general terms on this site.

Do you have any comments, suggestions for improvements or updated code you want to share with us? Please send us an email.

Known bugs
  • Contact page. There is a problem with the refresh and add/delete functions.
  • You can browse around in the application before you have logged in

Planned features

  • The SMS page should have functionallity to select contacts and groups.
  • "Google suggest" functionality on the SMS send page
  • Clickable link to smshttp.com on the login page.
  • Finish the group page.

The technology is based on
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