The FlashSMS application is based on its own package, which is named SmsHttpPackages in ActionScript 3.0 are implemented with namespaces, but are not synonymous with them.

The main class is SmsHttpConnection, this is used for handling a session to the server. Credentials and application-specific values needed for communicating with the server are also kept while the session is active. It contains all methods for sending specific requests to the server, responses to requests are dispatched by an event. All requests have their own event type to handle the responses individually. The different types of events are defined as static string variables in SmsHttpEvent.


   import SmsHttp.*;
  var SmsCon:SmsHttpConnection;

  function Main():void
   SmsCon = new SmsHttpConnection("1234567888", "password");
   SmsCon.addEventListener(SmsHttpEvent.SENDSMS, this.OnSmsHttpResult);
   SmsCon.SendSMS("133787654321", "Hello!");

  function OnSmsHttpResult(event:SmsHttpEvent):void {


The GUI is created using the Flash IDE. For usage, import this package, which has to be in a folder named SmsHttp and that folder also needs to be in the same folder as the FLA file. The package itself is created using FlashDevelop, this is an open source editor highly recommended for programming ActionScript.

The SmsHttp package contains all supported methods except group administration.

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